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What makes us tick.

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Over 12 years of internet marketing experience. We’ve worked for a multi billion dollar search marketing company that gave us extensive, hands-on training, knowledge, skill and experience with all facets of online lead generation.


We've also learned that there are many out there that take advantage of the business owner and offer very little for what they charged.

We said enoughs enough.  WE are on your side business owner.

We mostly work with entrepneurs who are just starting offing off with their dream venture.  It's our pleasure to be working side by side with you to get your business an online presence.


However, if you are already an existing business. Not a problem we are all in.

Whether you need a web design, email marketing,  loyalty program set up, social media set up, social media coaching, YouTube videos, Photoshop anything. We can work with you.

The urge for good design is the same as the
urge to go on living.

What we do

Our Mission


The goal of Take the First Step Internet Marketing is to become a vibrant, innovative company that keeps pace with and responds to client needs, new trends and best practices in marketing and in the internet. To that end, the first goal is to launch the online marketing business and to position it to run with what's happening now.  We will put you in front of the online marketing wave.



Let's ride!

Social media


Graphic Design

Call us i you need to set up your social media profiles with quickness.  Or if you have a client you need to outsource the social media setups to us. We can handle it.

We'll call our people who will tell their people about your business.  let's help get your name out there.

We looove Photoshop and Illustrator.  Need some retouching, collaging, need a door removed, or make your graphics look bitchin. Let us know.  You'll be happy to impress your friends with what we can do.

Loyalty Rewards


Web Design

Loyalty rewards is a win win win. Find out how loyalty Rewards can help your business.  Make sure to ask us about this one.

We know how to optimize for the get go.  SEO is our middle name. Need meta data in your graphics, web design or wordpress. We can handle it.

Want to web site like this one with cool effects?  Or a Wordpress platform so youcan blog what you hear desires.  We can get you set up in a jiffy.   Get your domain and hosting ready!

Good design is good business.


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Los angeles, CA


Call us: 818-308-5893


Email: raul@takethefirststepmarketing.com


Skype: raultakethefirststep



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Social Media Got You Lost? Let's Get You Up to Speed.  *Spanish Speakers Also Available.

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